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 Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz



The PastFx Punkifriar PX76 Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz is based upon the now discontinued DOD FX76 PUNKIFIER pedal (with additional features). The Punkifier was an in your face Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz which could blend either circuits together creating new tones or isolating the effects by adjusting the Punk (Mix) knob. A new Mead control has been added which can add extra sizzle.This control interacts with the Spikes knob.


Menace (Level) - Controls the output volume of the effect, ranging from quiet all the way up to a huge decibel boost

Punk (Overdrive/Fuzz Mix) - Mixes the overdrive level with the fuzz distortion level.

Overdrive = CCW, Fuzz = CW. 12 o'clock results in a blend of both circuits.

Spikes (Tone/highs) - Boost the highs, turn it CW, cut CCW

Mead - Stock FX76 circuit = CW  when turning CCW and the Spikes control fully CW, the mead control will add extra top end sizzle guaranteed to excite any Stooges or Sir Knobbie Hassle & the Swamp Donkeys fan!

Slam (Overdrive Gain) -  controls the gain of the overdrive circuit. It does not affect the signal when the Punk knob is turned clockwise. Turn this pot up to give more sustain and overall gain in the overdrive section.


Technical Specs:

  • True bypass operation
  • Dimmable LED, internally adjustable via hex tool
  • Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 31mm / 4.4" x 2.36" x 1.22" (enclosure only)
  • Current draw: 10mA





2023 GPX PastFX Punkifriar 700