Chorus Ensemble MN3007


      Now with 5 x Switchable Mods!

True Bypass, Depth, Pot, Buffer & new Boost 'N' Blend!


Our flagship pedal, a faithful, meticulously crafted recreation of the classic BOSS ® CE-1 chorus/vibrato, utilising the more common NOS MN3007 bucket brigade chip instead of the rare 1970's BBD used in the PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe.






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What is it?

The PastFx Chorus Ensemble MN3007 (CE-7)  is a modified PastFx Chorus Ensemble Deluxe ,using the less obsolete NOS MN3007 BBD.

The (CE-7) uses the same PCB as the Deluxe, is almost identical with components and is attractively priced.

The (CE-7) operates off the same bipolar voltages, the exact same preamp section, and incorporates both switchable Depth and Buffer Mods.



  • Uses obsolete NOS Panasonic / Matsushita 1024 stage BBD MN3007
  • incorporates the “Noise Killer” circuitry
  • Same unique Preamp stage
  • Normal / effect footswitch
  • Vibrato / Chorus footswitch
  • Triangle Wave LFO – Chorus
  • Sinewave LFO - Vibrato
  • Not True Bypass* (Jfet switching) – (Switchable Stereo True bypass mod Now Standard!)
  • Peak Level Indicator visual feedback of input sensitivity
  • High / Low Input sensitivity changeover switch
  • Dual colour LFO rate LED, visual indication of selected effect

       Blue – Chorus

       Red – Vibrato

  • Stereo/ Mono Outputs. In a Stereo setup, wet signal is directed to the Stereo jack and Dry to the Mono output jack.
  • Vibrato controls are Depth & Rate
  • Chorus is controlled by Intensity knob (which controls both rate and depth)
  • When effect is bypassed the LFO LED indicator remains on without flashing
  • Pedalboard friendly, uses minimal real estate and operates off industry standard (9VDC negative tip 2.1mm )
  • The (CE-7) incorporates up to 5 extra popular switchable Mods
  • The Mods can all be switched off, restoring to the original circuit or selectively activated by taste. These include:

Depth Mod

This mod is popular for those who were wanting more control over their chorus effect.

When activated it allows the use of the Vibrato Depth knob to control the Chorus Depth. The Stock depth setting of the Chorus can still be achieved by turning the Vibrato Depth knob fully clockwise.

Buffer Mod

The activation of the Buffer circuit can help restore some of the high frequencies. It is more noticeable when the Input sensitivity switch is on high. The (CE-7) inbuilt buffer circuit can be added or removed as desired.

Note: When clipping the signal heavily by having the Level control on high, it can give various responses based on what type of amp is being played through.

On some amps it can almost sound like a fuzz, and on others a more traditional crunch sound! This is the same experience with the Deluxe.

Stereo True Bypass Mod 

When activated, the Stereo True Bypass mod allows for both outputs to be … you guessed it, True Bypass!

Pot Mod 

When activated, changes the default level control potentiometer value from 50K to 500K resistance.

As the Original Ce-1 was designed with keyboards in mind, many guitarists who owned original Ce-1 pedals would replace the 50K pot for a higher value.  

All 5 mod switches are located inside back of unit.

Adjust to taste.

Boost 'N' Blend

The switchable Boost ‘N’ Blend mod allows the user to customise the chorus output levels and wet and dry

signal balance. Switching both Wet & Dry slide switches to “MOD'' position allows the 2 white trimpots to be

activated. This will allow an increase or reduction of the overall level of the Wet modulated & Dry
signal. By simply adjusting the trims, it is possible to change the stock wet/dry blend ratio. For those
wanting a “cleaner” chorus, the external level control can be turned down and the two internal boost trims
can increase the overall level to match unity. The opposite can also be achieved, for those wanting to push
the “Preamp Crunch'' hard but retain unity with the True Bypass level. Simply turn the Level control to
maximum and use the internal trimpots to reduce the overall level to match.

 Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 50mm (1590BB style enclosure)

Current draw approx : 110-130MA



ce7 referral

Below is a small excerpt from a Tone-Talk Video where Dan from "That Pedal Show"

explains the "Pot Mod". This video was the inspiration of adding the mod to our design :)

We also now have the Stereo True Bypass Mod as standard (example in video did not have that feature :) )


daves message

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Customer review

‘’I ordered the Chorus Ensemble pedal and I love it to bits! It sounds exactly like I want it to. Communication with Verlie was great, every e-mail was answered in a matter of minutes. The pedal took less than a month to arrive (Australia to the Netherlands) and even came with a delicious Australian cookie. Highly recommend PastFX!’’ 




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