Patriarch Fuzz




A booming "Civil War" era Muff circuit with dynamic, smooth sustain and enhanced controls for bass cut and mids boosting capabilities. 













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PFX 13 UV Patriarchgg

What Is It?

The PastFx Patriarch fuzz is a faithful recreation and expansion of the Buffalo FX Patriot MKI and MKII, which was modeled after the Sovtek “Civil War” (Blue & Grey) Muff famously used by David Gilmour during Pink Floyd’s 1994 Division Bell tour and timelessly captured in their acclaimed live album Pulse. It is our highest gain offering within the Spectrum Collection. The Patriarch is characterised by booming low end, cutting lead tones, and jaw-dropping sustain and power, all while maintaining a surprisingly quiet noise floor. It is a heavy, girthy Muff-style fuzz that blasts through the mix and offers punishingly brutal note definition and natural compression that makes for extremely satisfying high gain fuzz tones. The Patriarch is more naturally “mids present” than most other Muff-derived circuits. To further exploit this, the pedal boasts a “Mids” knob that allows users to bring more or less into the mix, as well as a “Lows” cut knob that tames the substantial low end as it is turned clockwise. There is also an internal micro switch for exploring more tone sculpting options for determining the pedal’s mids and EQ response. With the Level rolled down or turned up, the Patriarch can deliver bite, grit, and presence, with a refined fire-breathing attitude that gloriously pummels the senses and rains down sweet muffy goodness at any setting.


  • Controls for Level, Sustain, Tone, Mids boost (when turned clockwise), and Lows cut (when turned clockwise)
  • True bypass operation
  • Internal switch to select between “Stock” (factory default) setting, which is a faithful recreation of the Patriot MKII circuit, or “Scoop,” which scoops the mids from the pedal’s natural mid-centric flavor
  • Original Patriot MKI settings are achievable by turning Mids and Lows fully counter-clockwise when internal micro switch is set to “Stock” (Mids should be set fully clockwise if in “Scoop” mode) and setting the Level to taste
  • Dimmable LED, internally adjustable
  • Requires a 9v centre negative power supply, drawing under 10mA current, or a 9v battery
  • Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 31mm / 4.4" x 2.36" x 1.22" (enclosure only)
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Neutrik Instrument and Lumberg DC jacks, with audiophile grade parts sourced from MMK, Wima, Epcos, Vishay, Panasonic, Nichicon, etc., just like its predecessor

PdfPFX 13 UV Patriarchgg