Chorus Ensemble MN3007 Mini






 A compact version of the PastFx Chorus Ensemble MN3007, providing the same sonic experience in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure that boasts the smallest full-featured Chorus Ensemble available on the market.








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 MN3007 Mini

What is it?

The PastFx Chorus Ensemble MN3007 Mini (CE-7 Mini)  is a modified PastFx Chorus Ensemble Mini ,using the less obsolete NOS MN3007 BBD.

The CE-7 Mini uses the same PCB as the Mini, is almost identical with components and is attractively priced.

The CE-7 Mini operates off the same bipolar voltages, the exact same preamp section, and incorporates both switchable Buffer Mod and built in Depth Mod.



  • Uses obsolete NOS Panasonic / Matsushita 1024 stage BBD MN3007
  • incorporates the “Noise Killer” circuitry
  • Same unique Preamp stage
  • Normal / effect footswitch
  • Vibrato / Chorus toggle switch
  • Triangle Wave LFO – Chorus
  • Sinewave LFO - Vibrato
  • Not True Bypass (Jfet switching as original )  
  • Red LED Peak Level Indicator visual feedback of input sensitivity
  • High / Low Input sensitivity changeover switch
  • Blue LFO rate LED, visual indication of LFO Rate
  • Stereo/ Mono Outputs. In a Stereo setup, wet signal is directed to the Stereo jack and Dry to the Mono output jack.
  • Vibrato controls are Depth & Rate
  • Chorus is controlled by Intensity knob & Depth (Built in Depth Mod)
  • When effect is bypassed the LFO LED indicator remains on without flashing
  • Pedalboard friendly, uses minimal real estate and operates off industry standard (9VDC negative tip ) 
  • The CE7- Mini also incorporates up to 2 extra popular modifications that many owners of the original unit would use.
  • Depth Mod

    • This mod is popular for those who were wanting more control over their chorus effect.
    • The Vibrato Depth knob now controls the Depth of both the Chorus & Vibrato. The Stock depth setting of the Chorus can still be achieved by turning the Vibrato Depth knob fully clockwise.

    Buffer Mod

    • Many owners of the original noticed that when selecting the high on the input sensitivity switch that some of the high frequencies of their signal was lost. This was a desirable outcome for some. To remedy this, some users would place a buffer before the BOSS® CE-1 to restore the high frequencies. The CE7 - Mini comes with an inbuilt buffer circuit which can be added or removed as desired.
    • Note: When clipping the signal heavily by having the Level control on high, it can give various responses based on what type of amp is being played through.
    • On some amps it can almost sound like a fuzz, and on others a more traditional crunch sound! This is the same experience with the original.

Dimensions : 112 x 60 x 53mm (1590B style enclosure)

Current draw approx : 110-130MA


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